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I’m In Love!!
7 reviews
  • I love April and her customer service was so easy. The Miracle Face Soap was really soothing to my skin; I finished up with the Dandelion Body Butter and felt lovely the rest of the evening. I will be back to buy more.

  • Super awesome vendor, with amazing Customer service! April has a huge variety of moisturizing products all made with amazing scents and natural ingredients! Can’t wait to try more!

  • Amazing products. I’ve been using them for only two weeks and have noticed how soft and smooth my skin has gotten (even my hubby noticed). I suffer from the occasional eczema, so it’s hard to get fragrant products without risking irritation, but these all natural cream and oils were just what I needed. I have now referred two friends and tell anyone any chance I get! My fav product is the dandelion body butter. It melts right into my skin and leaves me hydrated all day! My go-to before was eucerin, but since I’ve bought these products, I’ve barely even touched it! My nighttime routine now consists of the lash serum, body butter, and oil as well as growth drops for my scalp. Highly recommend, and the business owner is very sweet and knowledgeable. She has definitely gained a lifelong customer.

  • I recently started using the Pretty Glow Face Cream on my face, neck and hands a few times a week. I’m so pleased with this product. It’s not watered down so you literally use the tiniest bit to get the job done. I don’t break out from any of the ingredients either! Usually commercial oils and creams will do that, so I’m really glad April turned me on to this product!

  • Absolutely loveeeee the Dandelion Body Butter!!! The smell is refreshing and the whip has a great consistency. Being in the dessert it is so difficult to find great skin hydrating products but with April’s products we get that and more!!! The fact that it’s natural and so good for my skin is amazing!

  • The Aloe Vera Natural Liquid Gel is great. It helped to calm some my irritation from acne, don’t you just love summer? Lol I also been using Dandelion body Butter on my arms and it’s leaving my skin soft and it doesn’t leave that sticky residue other products do. Lastly, we purchased my husband a musk called Egyptian Musk and Omgoodness! It is a winner in my book! It isn’t so strong but the smell is definitely there. We did purchase a hand soap but we have yet to use it but I’ll be back to leave another review. Shoutout to April for being one of the most kind, genuine persons I’ve ever come across, you can definitely tell that she puts her all into providing Fort Irwin with quality, natural products.

  • I could not be happier with the assistance and products I have purchased from April! Absolutely in love with the Lemon Grass body butter I purchased from her as well as the eagerness to help me get acclimated to my new home. From candles, to incense, sage, and body butter, April has helped me make my house a home and does it all with a warm smile and a very kind heart! I am thankful for this store and would definitely recommend to everyone in the area.

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