Celebrate love! Shop great local vendors and home-based businesses in our annual Valentine’s Day-themed fair. Get the perfect gift for the one(s) you love! Various giveaways, kid’s crafts, and raffles are planned as well.

Vendors Needed!

The Villages at Fort Irwin is seeking valentine’s and “love” themed vendors, units, organizations, and non-profits to join! All food vendors are also welcome this year. Please brings something fun to fit the theme too! Ideas for things you can provide or sell are:

Cupid’s Bazaar Vendor Participation Information


Valentine’s Day Themed Vendor Fair 

*** Deadline to sign up is February 3nd.***


One (1) 12’ X 12’ footprint per Vendor, Business, or Organization will be pre-assigned by event organizers to participants. A 9’ rectangle table and chairs are provided. Participants may bring easy up canopies, banners, lights, clothing or display racks, and equipment but may not exceed the allotted booth footprint. Most booth areas will have electrical outlet access.


All participants operating a for-profit booth must provide an MWR Commercial Solicitation Permit.  If unable to provide a one day or long term permit, vendors may be approved on a case by case basis by The Villages. For more information visit https://irwin.armymwr.com/programs/commercial-solicitation


All for-profit participants will provide a product, gift certificate, or service equal or greater than a retail value of $25 on event day. Other non-profit or informational participants may also offer a raffle prize if they choose. Items will be awarded during games or drawings operated on event day. 


Participants may attend early setup on Friday, Feb 10th from 10am-4pm. Participants agree to have all vehicles removed from loading/unloading areas no later than 4:00pm. 


All participants are required to clean their allotted booth area (indoors or outdoors) and the area immediately in front of or around their booth following the duration of the event from 8pm-9pm. Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies will be provided as needed. 

Non-food vendors and prepackaged food vendors may not remove items or begin breakdown any earlier than 7pm. 

Fresh food vendors may clean and breakdown food preparation items as needed when meals are diminished. Vendors agree to remain available to promote their business during the duration of the event even if food items are sold out. Final cleanup of booth area will not occur until 8pm. All fresh food vendors are equally responsible for cleanup of the kitchen area to include the following: refrigeration unit, 3 compartment sink, countertops, steel double doors, and floors.

Author: irwin1715